The Kings at the DMZ, Korea

A review of this event may be read here and in the New York Times here

Leif Elggren writes: “we opened up a temporary Embassy there and we sent the KREV Constitution via Morse-code over to North Korea”

DMZ_2005 is an invitation to international artists to renew a focus on the philosophical, political, social, economical, and cultural ramification of the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) between North and South Korea. The art works in this exhibition will explore concepts about territory, zoning of memory, division of national identities, the politics of information, control and access to information.

Artists from around the world have been invited to create new public works of art to be considered as interventions in the dynamic context of a specific location.┬áIt is hoped that the conceptual and aesthetic actions and collaborations of these artists can provide alternatives to the problems of cultural and national division that exists worldwide and encourage communication and exchange across these zones of separation thus contributing to a cultural impetus that will bring an end to DMZ’s wherever they exist.

Information about the organization conducting the project :
DMZ_KOREA is an non-governmental, not-for-profit organization based in South Korea.

The organization exists to establish an exhibition and symposia that includes art and media/information projects that focuses on the social and political dynamics and consequences of borders and divisions in Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and between North and South Korea. The exhibition will be a curated selection of inter-disciplinary site-specific projects by international artists.

15 Venues in the vicinity of the DMZ including:
Dorasan Station
Heyri Art Valley
Mt. Oh-Du Unification Observatory
Paju Book City
Yu Yeon Kim
Director of DMZ_2005