KREV Embassy in Texas

THE KINGDOMS OF ELGALAND-VARGALAND invites you to the annexation of ALAMO, TEXAS and the new inauguration of the KREV embassy for Texas in Austin / San Antonio

May 30, 2014
• artist talk and films at Mass Gallery, Austin
May 31, 2014
• concerts and performance art at St David’s Episcopal Church, Austin
June 1, 2014
• official annexation of Alamo, Texas (day time excursion and invasion)
June 1, 2014
• embassy inauguration and concerts including Leif Elggren, CM von Hausswolff, Rick Reed, Lisa Cameron, Justin Boyd, Brent Fariss, Lance Higdon, , X Tara Bhattacharya, Smokey Emery and Henna Chou at Southwest School of Art, San Antonio

for further information contact:Nayantara Bhattacharya