New United Nations

On this day, the 10th of January 2005 we announce the formation of the New United Nations [N.U.N.], the 59th anniversary of the first meeting of the UN General Assembly in London.

On this day there was a meeting of the Kings and various Ministers to establish the New United Nations. A dinner was held at Two Brydges, London at 1930hrs to commemorate this event.

Attending this dinner were:

The King of Elgaland, Leif l
The King of Vargaland, Michael l
The King of Scotland
HM Ambassador KREV UK
The Minister of Shopping
The Minister of Piercings & Inconsolability
The Minister of Astral Projection
The Minister of Shagging
The Minister of Media
The Minister of Nothing
The Minister of Memory Lapse
The Minister of Distressed Borders
The Minister of Contemplation [incorporating the Scooter Protectorate]
The Filipina Maid