National We Won’t Laminate Caps Day

Dear Kings in The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland

We have Officially instated a new Krev Holiday called “National We Won’t Laminate Caps Day” to be celebrated each year on the 48th of June.

Upon meeting The Minister of Caps who flashed his Krev passport at me during the Lamination Ritual at Crest Hardware in Brooklyn – I immediately noted his voluptuous cap and thought about the reality of laminating the hard hat-cap I was wearing. We both spontaneously agreed that this day would NOT be a good day for laminating caps.
(All day I was stamping lamination made with my ATMOTW date stamper which I found out was set for June 48, 2011 despite the Earthly insistence of my local calendar that the day was June 18. – there for June 48 is being proposed as the Official Krevian date for the Holiday.

Do we have your blessings?

Officially Yours,
Egnekn – Minister of Lamination
in agreement with The Minister of Caps