KREV Customs & Passport Control

About KREV citizenship: every individual owns, by his/her/its own force, the right to citizenship in the state of Elgaland-Vargaland. Any individual who works on behalf of the welfare of Elgaland-Vargaland will be eligible for citizenship. Citizenship cannot be inherited or transferred.

The KREV passport identifies its bearer as a Citizen of the Kingdoms, and entitles that person to certain special priviledges. The KREV passport is valid for all known or unknown territories, states or kingdoms and is valid in every time and space; past, present and future; existing or non-existing. Citizens of the Kingdoms are constitutionally immortal and millionaires (in Thalers, the KREV national currency, by decree of the National Reserve Bank of Elgaland-Vargaland).

If you are already a KREV Citizen with a valid passport, welcome to the Digital Territory.

Something to declare?

If you are not yet a KREV Citizen, or if you have something to declare, please proceed by:

• Locating the KREV Embassy or Ministry nearest to you geographically, and contacting the Ambassador or Minister there for assistance.

• Applying for KREV Citizenship and obtaining an official passport. To do this, just complete the application form (downloadable .pdf) and send it via postal mail to the Royal Chamber postal address on the form along with the necessary photos, etc. Your passport will be prepared at the Royal Chamber, signed and stamped by Their Royal Majesties and then airmailed back to you.

Download: KREV passport application form.