Ministries & Embassies

The Royal Chamber

KMW Michael I & KMW Leif I



The KREV Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
Ambassadors: Marina Schiptjenko and Cilene Andréhn

The KREV Embassy in Sälen, F.R. Dalarna (Sweden)
Ambassadors: Peter Johansson and Pernilla Dure
Storfjällsgraven, Sälen, F.R. Dalarna

The KREV Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland
Ambassador: Andrew M. McKenzie

The KREV Embassy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ambassador: Marjolein Kuijsten
NYX Global, Alexander Boerstraat 30, 1071 KZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The KREV Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark
Ambassador: Kim Foss

The KREV Embassy in San Francisco, California, USA
Ambassador: Mark McCloud
3466 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

The KREV Embassy in New York City, NY, USA
Ambassador: Mark Ohe

The KREV Embassy in Thessaloniki, Greece
Ambassadors: Thanasis Chondros and Alexandra Katsiani
Alli Poli, Konst. Melenikov 34, Tessaloniki 546 35, Greece

The KREV Embassy in London [HMKREVUK]
Ambassador: Michael Harding
13 Osward Road, London SW17 7SS

The KREV Nomad Embassy
Ambassador: Stephen Travis Pope,
5100 Camino Floral, Santa Barbara, CA, 93111, USA

The KREV Embassy in Basel, Switzerland
Ambassador: Udo Breger

The KREV Embassy in Oslo, Norway
Ambassador: Casper Evensen

The KREV Embassy in Oslo, Norway
Ambassador: Marianne Hultman
Oslo Kunstforening, Radhusgaten 19, 0158 Oslo, Norway

The KREV Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Ambassador: Bernd Scherer
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, John-Foster-Dulles Allée 10, 10557 Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany

The KREV Embassy for the Mandan Tribe
Ambassador: Rising Buffalo/Zig Jackson
610 Irving Street, no.50, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA

The KREV Embassy in Osaka, Japan
Ambassador: Koji Marutani

The KREV Embassy in Kaliningrad, Russia
Ambassador: Vladimir Igoshin

The KREV Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Ambassador: Rehberg and Bauer

The KREV Embassy in Johannesburg, South Africa
Ambassador: Bongi Dhlomo

The KREV Embassy in Porto, Portugal
Ambassador Heitor Alvelos
Rua de Santos Pousada 738 – 4 dir., 4000 Porto, Portugal

KREV Ambassade à Caen, France
Ambassadeur Thierry Weyd

KREV Ambassador in Philadelphia
Ambassador Michael T. Bullock

The KREV Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria
Ambassador: Pepa Ivanova



The KREV Ministry in Morocco: Mohammed Benhaddou
Dhar Lamhalla No. 961, 60000 Oujda

The KREV Consulate in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Consul: Edgar Jäger

The KREV Consulate in Smedsby, Östra Ämtervik, Sweden
Consul: Per Svensson

The KREV Consulate in Hamburg, Germany
Consul: Uli Rehberg

The KREV Consulate at Fort Barry
The Headlands Consuls:
Holly Blake and Kathryn Reasoner
Headlands Center for the Arts
944 Fort Barry, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA

The KREV General Consulate in New York City, NY, USA
General Consul: Thomas Nordanstad

The KREV Consulate in Gothenburg, Sweden
Consul: Margaretha Orreblad

The KREV Consulate in Skellefteå, Sweden
Consul: Tage Martin Hörling

The KREV Consulate in New Jersey, USA
Consul: Brian Gruben
Box 533 Roseland, NJ 07068-0533, USA

KREV Consulate in Los Angeles, USA
Robert Berman Gallery
Consul: Robert Berman
2525 Michigan Ave C2, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States

The KREV Special Envoy for the South Sea Islands
Special Envoy: Kate Croft

KREV Consulate in Cyprus
Consuls: Özgül Ezgin and Argyro Toumazou


Ministries & Commissioners

The KREV Ministry of Airwaves
Minister: Fabio Roberti

The KREV Ministry of Persuasion
Minister: Marietta von Baumgarten

The KREV Ministry of Scrap
Minister: Scott Konzelmann

The KREV Ministry of Good Will
Minister: John Peter Nilsson

The KREV Ministry of Bloody Marys
Minister: Håkan Nilsson

The KREV Ministry of Revelations
Minister: Kent Tankred

The KREV Ministry of Audiology
Minister: Lary 7

The KREV Ministry of Cartography
Minister: Nina Katchadourian

The KREV Ministry of Ambiguity and Indecision-Making
Minister: Sina Najafi

The KREV Ministry of Visual Resources and Photographic Documentation
Minister: Robert R Marsters

The KREV Ministry of Fruits
Minister: Charles Powne

The KREV Ministry of Pleasure
Minister: Carina Westling

The KREV Ministry of Toxins
Minister: Freddie Wadling

The KREV Ministry of Digital Food
Minister: Ulf Bilting

The KREV Ecumenical Minister
Minister: Carl Abrahamsson

The KREV Ministry of Mizzinforrmation and Mizzpellhing
Minister: Bram Angstrom

The KREV Ministry of Vibrations
Minister: Cecilia E. Parsberg

The KREV Ministry of Secrets
Minister: hE who Verily shAll not be nameD
Location: Somewhere near San Francisco, California, USA
Address: (that’s a secret, of course)

The KREV Ministry of Science and Technology
Minister: Michael Sattler
San Francisco, California, USA

The KREV Ministry of Lamination

The KREV Ministry of Agriculture
Minister: Katrin von Rettig

The KREV Ministry of Ministers
Minister: Andreas Gedin

The KREV Ministry of Lost Illusions
Minister: Teresa Wennberg

The KREV Ministry of Astral Projection
Minister: Marcus Davidson

The KREV Ministry of Misplaced Persons
Minister: Kristina Rigert

The KREV Ministry of Sorts
Minister: Fetish 23

The KREV Ministry of Photography
Minister: Annika von Hausswolff

The KREV Ministry of The Heavenly Phenomena (Over The Physical Territory)
Minister: Lauri Dammert

Ministerium fur Hochverrat, Hochstapelei und Heiratsschwindel
Ministerin: Sirkka Moller

The KREV Ministry of Interaction and Intelligent Volumes in Space (I+IVIS)
Minister: LUXA Lieblich

The KREV Ministry for Missing Persons
The Minister has gone missing, having closed the Ministry

The KREV Ministry of Finance and Numismatics
Minister: Henning Radtke

The KREV Ministry of Alchemy and Art
Minister: Per Svensson

The KREV Ministry of Trashraq
Minister: Ingrid Engarås

The KREV Ministry of Distressed Borders
Minister: Paul Williams

The KREV Ministry of Shopping
Minister: Eileen Quinn

The KREV Ministry of Detours
Ministers: Till Kniola & Christian Blaha

The KREV Ministry of Post [KREVPOST]
Postmaster General: Michael Harding
Master of the Posts: Charles R N Weston

The KREV Ministry of Lost and found
Minister Bob Marsters

The KREV Ministry for Words
(all words ever uttered, written or stated in any form in the past, now or in the future)
– and Magic
Minister: Manda Rose Levin

The KREV Ministry of Monetary Doubt
Minister Simon Goldin

The KREV Ministry of Heresy
Minister Jack Tourette

The KREV Ministry of Viniculture and Beauty
Minister: Dusty Limits

The KREV Ministry for Reinstatement of Obsolete Technology
Ministers: Sophie Laurimore and William Hamlyn

The KREV Ministry of Nostalgia
Minister: Bob Jezzard

The KREV Ministry for Inconsolability and Piercings
Minister: Leo Tiernan

The KREV Ministry of Dirty Tricks and Smear Campaigns
Minister: Dan Percival

The KREV Ministry of Appearing and Disappearing Lands
Minister: Jacob Kirkegaard

The KREV Ministry of Reinventions
Minister: Johannes Bergmark

The KREV Ministry of Frequencies
Minister: Jana Winderen

The KREV Ministry of the Past
Minister: Michael Harding

The KREV Ministry of Nothing
Minister: Philip Marshall

The KREV Ministry for Synchronicity
(It’s a meaningful coincidence that you’re reading this right now)
Minister: Tantrabella (who just by chance happens to be known as a Christine)

The KREV Ministry of Names
Minister: Michael Harding

The KREV Ministry of Shagging
Minister: Clare Smith

The KREV Ministry of Contemplation and Reforestation
[incorporating the Scooter Protectorate]
Minister: Alexander Hope

The KREV Media Minister
Minister: Kate Carter

The KREV Minister of Memory Lapse
Minister: Parker

The KREV Minister of Beginnings
Minister: Jean-Philippe Antoine

The KREV Minister of Holes
Minister: Finnbogi Pétursson

The KREV Minister of Pornography
Minister: Russell Haswell

The KREV Minister of Babies
Minister: Ektor Kariofilis

The KREV Minister of Pedantry
Committee Members: 
The Minister of Nothing
The Minister of Names
The Minister of Words
The Minister of Nostalgia
The Minister of Media
The Minister of Dirty Tricks & Smear Campaigns

The KREV Minister of Change
Minister: John Duncan

The KREV Ministry of Wolves-Hours
Minister: Herman Lohe

The KREV Minister of Books
Peter Boden

The KREV Minister of Exploration
Minister: Charles R N Weston

The KREV Ministry of Fifteen More Minutes
Minister: Alisa Wolfson

The KREV Ministry of Etherology
Minister: Dorit Chrysler

The KREV Ministry of Unidentified Underwater Objects
Minister: Jana Winderen

The KREV Ministry of Relativity (or not…)
Joint Ministers: Mike Harding & Philip Marshall (that depends…)

The KREV Ministry of Waste
Minister: Yan Jun

The KREV Ministry of Not Knowing What To Be a Ministry Of
Minister: Marc Behrens

The KREV Ministry of Bankrupt Shopping Malls
Minister: Anselmo Canha

The KREV Ministry of Inverse Speech
Minister: Maria Manuela Alvelos

The KREV Ministry of Thresholds
Joint Ministers: Daniela Cascella and Lucia Farinati

The KREV Ministry of Caps
Minister: David Lawrence Knapik

The KREV Ministry of Mess
Minister: Anla Courtis

The KREV Ministry of Gullibility
Minister: Anouska Jipps

The Minister of Spoons
Minister: Philip Marshall

The KREV Minister of the Collecting of Collections
Minister: Sven Schlijper

The KREV Ministry of What?
Minister: Daniel Löwenbrück

The KREV Minister of Inbetween Languages
Minister: Agnes Villette

The KREV Minister of Tumescence
Minister: Gerard Forde

The KREV Ministry for Pants, Socks & Bullshit
Minister: Yordan Dimitrov Radichkov

The KREV Ministry of Cats and Dogs
Minister: Dave Knapik

The KREV Ministry of s’goD
Minister: Stig

The KREV Ministry of Fine Noise and Light
Minister: Mike Bullock

The KREV Ministry of Ornamentation
Minister: Linda Gale Aubry

The KREV Ministry of Never
Minister: Jasmin Blasco

The KREV Ministry of the Reversed/Inversed Affairs / sriaffA desreveR eht fo yrtsiniM VERK ehT
Minister: Thierry Charollais

The KREV Minister of YARG
Minister: Gert Brantner

The KREV Minister of Apostasy
Minister: Mike Harding

The KREV Ministry of the Imaginary Forces
Minister: Tobias R. Kirstein

The KREV Commissioner for Enlargement
Commissionner: Philip Marshall

The Minister of Whathaveyou & The Commissioner of Sewers
Minister: Leslie Winer

The KREV Ministry of Drums and Poetry
Ministers: Hanna Östergren & Stefan Ek



King Martin I

King of Bulgaria
Ana I

King of Hollywood
Jake I

King Thomas I

The Queen of Everything
Cecilia Heisser

The Polish Queen
Agnieszka Lewalski

Pontifex Maximus
Michael Harding [2002-]

King of Scotland
Idi Dada Amin [d. 2003]
Kate Croft [2003-]

King John 1

King of Italy
Daniel Menche

The KREV Scottish Minister
Steven Duffy

KREVAIR: The Grand Master General of Air Traffic Control: Leo Tiernan, Pilot Lary 7

The KREV Secret Police (KREV Sakerhets Polisens Kor, or ‘SPK’)

The KREV Cultural Attaché of The Republic of Northern Gotland
Vsigda Gatov & Fabian Larsovitch

The KREV National Football Coach
Nick Hurwitz

The Mistress of Ceremonies
Manuela Benetton

The Master of Ignoramus
The Minister of Nothing

The Queen of Poo
Vicki Bennett