Contact information

The constitution states:
Every individual owns, by his/her/its own force, the right to citizenship in the state of Elgaland/Vargaland.

Kings Carl Michael von Hausswolff of Vargaland and Leif Elggren of Elgaland are pleased to welcome you and invite you to email them via the KREV admin office at info [@]

The Western Frontier is currently being settled: you can be a part of it.

If you are hungry, please contact the Minister of Digital Food.
For general information, send email to the KREV Information Service at info [@]
For disinformation, send email to the Minister of Secrets.
Join the MoS' Secret Order of Former Primes.
For misinformation, email the MINISTIR oV MizztINVorMAZionZ 'n MIztSPelLingz or visit the MovMM website.

Citizen application information

If you are not yet a KREV Citizen and wish to apply for citizenship, please proceed by:

• Applying for KREV Citizenship and obtaining an official passport. To do this, just complete the application form (downloadable Portable Document File) and send it via postal mail to the Royal Chamber postal address on the form along with the necessary photos, etc. Your passport will be prepared at the Royal Chamber, signed and stamped by Their Royal Majesties and then airmailed back to you.